Who is who in the Armenian Jury


The voting system will suffer pretty big changes Melodifestivalen styleIt is the biggest change since 1975. The previous years, results were presented as a combined result 50 per cent jury and viewers.

This year each national spokesperson from all the participating countries will be called in to present the points of their professional jury. After that, the televoting points will be combined to provide just one score for each country. As at the Melodifestivalen, the host will announced these televoting results starting with the country receiving the fewest points and ending with the country receiving the highest amount of points.

This should guarantee an exciting competition and create a climax at the end of the voting.



Arevik Simonyan was supposed to be a part of the jury but she will be finally replaced for Miqayel Voskanyan. 2016 Armenian jury members are:


  • Hayko (chairperson) – Musician, songwriter and producer

Do you remember his 8th place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 ?


  • DJ Dale (Vardan Babayan) – DJ

He is a producer, head of Armenian DJs Association and The Sunside Band owner.

Vardan Babanyan DJ


  • Miqayel Voskanyan (backup) – Musician, composer

Miqayel is an only composer and musician in Armenia, who plays the folk, avant-garde , jazz and many different styles which known as just Armenian national instrument.

Miqayel Voskanyan


  • Naira Gurjinyan – Musician & songwriter

She’s an experimented musician that became more popular for being part of the jury in the Armenian X Factor.

Naira Gurjinyan


  • Erik

Born in Tbilisi he is one of the most popular singers in Armenian music industry.

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