Ukraine won The Eurovision Song Contest 2016!!!



   On May 14 the Grand Final of the 2016 Edition of The Eurovision Song Contest held, where 26 countries were competing for the wining trophy. According to many fans and reviewers this year had a very big competition. We can mention at least 5-6 songs that we thought can do well. Australia’s representative Dami Im with the nice city style stage performance with a catchy song “Sound of Silence”. Another one was Sergey Lazarev from Russia, with stunning performance with modern mapping technologies, who also was the favorite of the bookmakers․ Iveta Mukuchyan, our gorgeous diva from Armenia with slaying stage performance and the song “LoveWave” who also according to many Eurovision fans was one of the favorites of the contest. And of course the representative of Ukraine Jamala with her song “1944”.

   This year was also interesting because of the changes of voting system. From this year Jury and Televotes are going to be announced separately, and it really made the votes announcement more dynamic and full of intrigue because until the last announcement nobody knew who is going to win.

   Australia was the leader in Jury voting, while by Tele-votes Russian representative Sergey Lazarev was on the top. By the way after summarizing the votes from Jury and Television it became clear that Jamala won the contest with her contradictory song “1944”․ So the next Eurovision will held in Ukraine, probably in Kiev or in L’viv.

   Our bright and super shiny representative Iveta Mukuchyan, for whom we proud so much took the 7th place after Ukraine, Australia, Russia, Bulgaria, Sweden and France. We want to thank Iveta for bringing so much innovative song to Eurovision, making people to taste something more than ordinary Eurovision songs.

Even after the song “Love Love Peace Peace” by the hosts Pietra and Måns which was about the keys for succeeding in the contest unfortunately so far it is still unknown the key recipe for wining Eurovision or maybe its known… But lets not speak about politics. Congratulations to Ukraine for wining the Eurovision Song Contest!!! Congratulation to all other countries who had been a part of this annual big celebration.

Eurovision, News|17.05.2016 9:33 am