Sirusho & Dorians. Together on one Stage….


IMG_2020April 6, Karen Demirchyan sports and concerts complex, Yerevan, Armenia – many many people were waiting for the show, where will perform their lovely singers Sirusho & Dorians. The show was colorful and the sounding was great. The first part of the show spectators get the portion of rock from Dorians. They performed well-known and famous songs “Yes Kulam” “This is our World” “In Fog” and of course this year’s Armenian entry in Eurovision Song Contest, “Lonely Planet”. During the second part, Sirusho performed both modern and pop and both Armenian folk songs. She performed “Qele, Qele”, “Pregomesh”, “Eskizner” and other popular songs. At the end of the show Sirusho and Dorians performed together their two songs “Pregomesh” and “Yes Kulam” together. While Gor were singing “Pregomesh”, Sirusho performed “Yes Kulam”. Here you can watch the video of their mixed performance and watch the gallery from whole show and backstage.


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Eurovision, News, Special, Video|07.04.2013 11:15 am