San Marino: The Social Network Song instead of Facebook!!!


  On the 18th of March EBU announced that the San Marino entry for Eurovision 2012, titled Facebook, Uh, Oh, Oh was found to be in breach of one of the contest rules because of consisting commercial things in the lyrics. So it was decided to give the broadcaster SMTV the opportunity to revise the lyrics, and create a new version of the song, that does not include a reference to Facebook, or present a new song. The deadline set was set to 23rd of March. Tonight SMTV presented the new version of the San Marino entry. The song renamed to “The Social Network Song”, the lyrics changed and instead of Facebook there was a lot of “uh, oh, uh” in the song. San Marino in will compete the second half of the first semi-final on 24 May.

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Eurovision|22.03.2012 8:46 pm