JESC KYIV 2013: Review of all 12 entries


Ukraine decided to host the 11th Junior Eurovision Song Contest after Anastasia Petrik won the Junion Eurovision 2012 in Amsterdam. Ukraine has already hosted the show in 2009 so this is their second time. Palace “Ukraine” was chosen as the venue. After very long discussions with all the broadcasters only twelve of them confirmed their participation. The number of the participating countries could have been thirteen but Cyprus refused to participate due to financial crisis in the country. Macedonia and Malta will be back, San Marino will make its debut, but Israel, Albania and Belgium withdrew from the competition.

There are some new rules in this year’s Junior Eurovision. One of them is that the first, second and third places will get special prizes unlike previous years, when the focus was only on the winner. There are rumors that the winner will appear at the Euriovision 2014.

 The hosts  of the show will be Zlata Ognevich and Timur Miroshnychenko. Zlata placed third at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with “Gravity”. Timur hosted Junior Eurovision 2009 so this will be his second time.


These are all the twelve participants:



Monika is the representative of Armenia. She is from Yerevan. Monika’s song is called “Choco Factory”. Her vocal teacher is Emma Asatryan, who was also Dalita’s teacher who represented Armenia in Junior Eurovision 2011 with “Welcome to Armenia”. Twelve young singers participated at the National Final of Armenia. Like in the upcoming Junior Eurovision, the runner up and the 3rd place were given special prizes. The runner up were David and Erna and they will join Armenian delegation in Kiev and will announce Armenian voting results.



Sweden selected their representative with the junior version of the Melodifestivalen which is called Lilla Melodifestivalen. The selection was held in an attraction park in Stockholm. Among eight participants Elias Elffors was the lucky one. He won Lilla Melodifestivalen with his song “Det Är Dit Vi Ska”. Elias is thirteen and lives in Stockholm. A few days ago he changed his name to Eliias.



Russia was the first country who chose their representative for the Junior Eurovision 2013. Dayana Kirillova won the National Final of Russia with “Mechtay” which means “Dream on”. She sings “Dream, never give up…” and that’s what she did! Dayana was the runner up in the National Selection of Russia last year and this year she came back and won.



Malta is back to Junior Eurovision! PBS picked Gaia Cauchi internally. She is eleven years old. Gaia started singing when she was only two. She participated in many competitions in Malta and in Italy, received the International Achievement Award at the Malta Music Awards, participated in Sanremo song contest in Italy. Her song is called “The Start”. She has that voice inside that she doesn՛t want to hide so let’s hear her singing.



Georgian representatives were chosen internally. 22 young singers participated in a casting which was held by GPB and only 6 were chosen to represent Georgia in Kiev. They are Mariam Shavladze, Ana Kvantaliani, Luka Gogiberize, Tamta Diasamidze, Saba Chachua and Mariam Samushia. The group is called “The Smile Shop”. Their song is called “Give me your smile”.



The National Final of Ukraine was held in Artek. Sofia Tarasova won with her song “We Are One”. Twenty contestants participated at the National Final. One of the hosts of the show was Timur Miroshnychenko who will be the host of the Junior Eurovision 2013 together with Zlata, who represented Ukraine at the Eurovsion 2013.


Mylene and Rosanne will represent Netherlands in Kiev. They are 13 years old twins from Badhoevedorp. They won the Ducth National Selection which is called Junior Songfestival. It’s noticeable that Junior Songfestival is more popular than adult Eurovision in The Netherlands. The twins’ song is called “Double me”. They sing that they are twins, they are similar but at the same time they are very different.


This year Belarus will represent Ilya Volkov. Ilya is thirteen years old. He stated his music career when he was six. After receiving totally 18 points Ilya became the winner of the Belorussian National Final. His song is called “Poj so mnoj” and means “Sing with me”.



Rafael Bobeica has been chosen to represent Moldova. Rafael’s song is called “Cum sa fim” which means “How to be”. Before the show it was announced that there were five finalists but one of the finalists didn’t perform.


FYR Macedonia

Another country who returned to Junior Eurovision after one year break is Macedonia. Barbara Popovic has been selected internally by the Macedonian Radio-Television. Barbara’s song is “Ohrid I muzika”. She sings about how she falls in love with a Dutch guy while she is on excursion in Ohrid.


San Marino

The last country who confirmed its participation was San Marino. It’s San Marino’s debut at the Junior Eurovision, although SM Television announced back in 2011 that they will participate but as they could not find anyone in San Marino who could represent the country, SM TV withdrew from the competition. One of the rules of the Junior Eurovision is that the representative of the country must have the nationality of the participating country or has lived in that country at least two and half years. A special dispensation was given to San Marino as the country’s population is very small so SM Television chose and Italian artist to represent San Marino. His name is Michele Perniola. Michele has won the sixth season of talent show “Ti lascio una canzone” in Italy and is known to San Marines audience very well. His song is called “O-o-O Sole intorno a me” and means “Sunlight all around me”.



This year many broadcasters chose their representatives internally and Ictimai TV of Azerbaijan is one of them. The name of Azerbaijani representative is Rustam Karimov. He is ten years old and started singing when he was two. Rustam’s song is called “Me and my guitar”. No, it’s not Tom Dice’s song. Rustam sings about another guitar. Guitar is Rustam’s passion.


OGAE Armenia supports Monika Avanesyan and wishes best of luck to all of the participants.   


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