Our 5 Star International Jury reviews our entry “Face the Shadow”



Since the mixed jury/televote system was introduced, we may wonder what a professional jury thinks during the voting process. So in order to have an idea of an international jury’s opinion of our song, OGAE Armenia has combined a 5-Star International Jury. Here’s a review of our Face the Shadow entry, performed by Genealogy, from five ESC-related people. It’s an honour to show you what Glenys Vargas, Kalomira, Andrej Babić, Meri Picart and Jacob Stepaschko think of our Armenian 2015 entry, “Face the Shadow”. Let’s get started!


Glenys Vargas, singerCaptura de pantalla 2015-05-09 a les 11.23.32
She was one of the charismatic backing singers of the Albanian entry in 2010

“I watched the video once, to form a first impression. Then I watched it again for further details. I’ll begin by giving you my honest opinion of the singers, in order of appearance. Essaï’s interpretation is good and his handsome looks will appeal to the audience. His English pronunciation needs work, but this is common in Eurovision. Mary-Jean O’Doherty has a lovely operatic voice, which works well later on in the chorus with all the other singers, but in the beginning it’s a bit too contrasting and I would prefer it to have more of a pop-opera feel. Technically speaking, straight-tone to vibrato instead of full on vibrato the whole time, would make it sound more pop. She’s beautiful though and her voice sounds wonderful when everyone else is singing. Stephanie and Inga have really good pop voices and their physical types are different from the others so it works really well. I love Inga’s cool look with the long hair and piercing eyes. Her voice is absolutely amazing. To me, she’s the highlight of this song and video. Vahe sings very little alone, but he sounds fine and is handsome as well. Eye candy is always a plus. Together, they are all beautiful and sound great together.

Concerning the style, the song is dark and intriguing. I like it! I can’t say that it has a good chance to win, since I couldn’t remember the melody immediately after listening to it. After watching the video again, I realized why. The chorus, starting from “Don’t deny”, feels like a bridge or improvised lyrics at the end of a song, more than a chorus itself. Even though the melody was not memorable the first time around, I do remember how it made me feel. It feels like you’re watching a mysterious vampire movie and you want to know more.

Usually, songs with a memorable melody or chorus are the ones that win. But, there are always intriguing songs that make it to the Top 10. This has a chance for Top 10, but only if the performance captures people’s interest. For example, in 2010, there was a song I hated when I first saw the video but loved when I saw the performance. Alyona’s Sweet People was one of my top five that year. It was hypnotic and mesmerizing. So there are songs that are different, that win or do well. There are also songs that are exactly like all the others that come in last. This song isn’t a typical Eurovision song, but that’s what I like about it. While the melody didn’t grab you, the video did. They just need to recreate that feeling on stage.

Since it’s not a song that you would dance to, they need to do something to make it memorable for their live performance. In the end, it’s that stage performance that will make or break this song. You don’t need dancers, but the singers do need to make their performance grab the audience like those popular vampire movie do, which is exactly what Alyona managed to achieve in 2010. I’ll be watching and I hope to see them do a great performance. They will certainly have an amazing time. Eurovision was one of the best experiences of my life and I would love to do it again. They need to treasure every moment. I wish them loads of luck!”

Watch Glenys Vargas’ performance in Eurovision 2010:


Kalomira, singer

The Greek Pop Icon came 3rd with her Secret Combination in 2008

“I think the Armenian song this year is a very powerful piece. I love that it is with an Armenian singer from each continent. I think it’s moving and touching that they are bringing together all the Armenians that are all over the world! I wish them the best of luck!”



It’s always a good moment to remember Kalomira’s Secret Combination:


Andrej Babić, composerandrej_babic
He composed the following entries: Croatia 2003, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2005, Slovenia 2007, Portugal 2008, Slovenia 2009 and Portugal 2012

“I have to say that I wasn’t quite impressed with the song when I listened to it. I mean… Let’s face it, it sounds like a song from a musical, more than a song from a pop festival like a Eurovision. This connection between an opera voice, pop voice, rock voice…. I am not sure if this will work. Voices separately are very good, that is true, and each of them would be a nice solo artist, but making a band from them is not a smart move in my opinion. The song is the weakest link and even their good voices can’t save it. Armenia, wake up! It’s a pop festival! I hope you’ll bring back Sirusho, Andre or other pop stars of your country. I am sure you have it… Anyway, good luck!”

Do you remember Babić’s powerful Senhora do Mar?



10847103_10153392218242780_348219016_nMeri Picart,  journalist

She was the Andorran commentator from 2004-2009

“This is a pretty effective mid-tempo song well performed and executed. I think it can be a good bet especially if they work on a spectacular staging and I am sure they do. The voices blend so well and the languid and gothic touch and, in some way, the new romantic look is pretty interesting. It can get many votes from a more senior audience eager for listening to a great song that conveys lots of emotions in its top moments. Also, younger audience can be attracted to Genealogy if they look for a band that could perfectly fit in the current musical trends. So to me this a good choice, a B+ non winning entry. But you never know… That’s Eurovision folks!”


Watch Meri Picart hosting the Andorran national final in 2009:


Jacob Stepaschko, eurofanCaptura de pantalla 2015-05-08 a les 12.17.02
He is a member of wiwibloggs.com team

“I am not completely sure what to say about the Armenian entry this year. There are a lot of things I like about this song; 6 great singers, and I think their voices work very well together and a good mix of different voices. I think the intro is great, and the way it slowly builds up to the chorus, but the chorus itself is really boring. It should have been possible to make something more interesting. It reminds me a bit of Switzerland 06, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. I think they need to make the staging very special in order to qualify, and I will be surprised if they finished top 10.”


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