OGAE Song Contest 2015. France won again and Armenia finished 20th among 31 participants!


osc_resultsWhen OGAE fans started to be involved in vopting of OGAE Video Contest 2015, OGAE France already announced the results of OGAE Song Contest 2015. This year 31 OGAE clubs where taking participation and with very big advantage second time in a row OGAE France won the competition with the song “Andalouse” by Kendji Girac who got 248 point. Second prize went to Ireland who got 148 point being represented by Markus Feehily’s “Love Is A Drug”. Here you can enjoy the winning song.

As you might remember OGAE Armenia decided to be represented by Inga and Anush new ballad song “Aprelu April”(April for living) dedicated to Centenary of The Armenian Genocide in 1915. Armenia finished 20th with 22 points got from Serbia (7 points), Russia (5 points), Greece (4 points), Malta (4 points), Slovakia (1 ponit) and Italy (1 ponit). As you know Inga and Anush represented Armenia in Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with the song “Nor Par” finishing in Top 10. Also this year Armenia was represented by the band Genealogy which was created by the Armenians who were living all over the world and the participant from Armenia was Inga Asrhakyan, one of the sisters of famous duet. Here is the song of Inga Anush’s “Aprelu April”.

These are the final results of the OSC 2015.


For all of those who wants to watch animated results of OSC 2015 made by OGAE France follow these link.

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