OGAE Armenia was founded in 2006 by Edgar Barseghyan when Armenia participated at the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. OGAE Armenia hasn’t got active status till 2010 because of some reasons. In December 2009 6 fans of Eurovision created the OGAE Armenia official site and decided to join the big OGAE family. Since 2013 our fan-club became a full-member of OGAE International Network. Every year we organize several contests, parties and meetings with Armenian representatives. Our club has been actively involved in the PR of Armenian participants. We are going to write the constant updates on the website and follow the developments in other countries. We’ll continue our promotion of the ESC brand in Armenia and we’ll try to increase the number of OGAE members. Everything, that/which is related to the ESC and JESC will be under our constant attention.

OGAE (French: Organisation générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision) is the international fan club of the Eurovision Song Contest. All countries that take part or have already taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest can have their own OGAE.

Every year, the organisation puts together four non-profit competitions (Song Contest, Second Chance Contest, Video Contest and Home Composed Song Contest).The purpose is to spread national popular music throughout the world and to exercise co-operation over the OGAE network of clubs, cooperation among the Eurovision Song Contest fans, promotion of the Eurovision Song Contest, and establishment of strong relations with national broadcasting companies.



david khacho
David Adamyan
Lilit Jilavian
Vice President,
Arman Grigoryants
Vice President,
Khachatur Tovmasyan
Board Member,
Garik Avagyan
Board Member
Gurgen Atoyan
Hakob Avchyan
Mariam Kocharyan
Mariam Aleksanyan
Vahe Ghazaryan

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