LuARA | “Fire in me” | New video


Luara Hayrapetyan also know as LuARA is an Armenian singer, who represented Armenia in the JESC 2009 and took the 2nd place. She was born on 29 September 1997 in Astrakhan, Russia, and  currently lives and studies music in Los Angeles, USA.  Her new video “Fire in me” will give you a lot of positive, enegry, a lot of emotions and good mood! The song is written by Adryan Russ, composed by Norman Henry Mamey, produced by Peter Stenggard and Mihran, directed and choreographed by Mihran Kirakosian (the 2nd place in the national selection ESC 2010). Enjoy and share with friends!


Verse 1
Now that you broke my heart
I will make a new start
No more sorrow, no more tears, no more scars.
Gonna fly me away
Build my dream-ship today
I am free, Now I can reach for the stars.

It’s time to love someone I truly do admire
Someone who pushes me to reach for something higher
One who can see the fire in me and let me be who I am.

Verse 2.
Looking back, back at you
In my mirror’s review
I just know- no, if I look I’ll collide.
All my fears they are gone.
It’s my time to move on
Buckle up – yes, and prepare a new ride !

Time for me to light my dreams all across the sky.
Take my wishes to extremes
Learn to spread my wings and fly.


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Junior ESC, News, Video|25.01.2013 8:56 am