Levina meets OGAE Armenia in The LOFT


April 13, Yerevan, Armenia – This year’s German representative of Eurovision Song Contest Levina in the course of her international promo-tour visited Armenia and she was hosted by OGAE Armenia team in “The Loft” leisure and multifunctional center in Yerevan.

During the meeting Levina met with Eurovision fans, which was quite challenging as she was asked lots of questions. At first she talked about her music career. Levina mentioned that she started to sing since early childhood, yet at the age 6. Being a big lover of music Isabella tried to establish herself in the sphere of music.

Then She talked about her song, her favorites of this year’s contest stating that this year there are lot of good songs but she mostly prefers Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium. As to her all time favorite Eurovision song she (emphasized) ABBA’s Waterloo” (Sweden 1974).

Levina also hoped that due to her there would be some positive changes in German results after her country’s miscarriages in the paneuropean contest during latest years.

Levina surprised the fans singing Perfect Life’s acoustic version with her guitarist David. After performance Levina spoke about her first impressions of Armenia stated that she was deeply impressed by Komitas museum.

Speaking about Artsvik’s challenge to sing an Armenian folk song, Levina confessed that singing an Armenian folk song was rather difficult and challenging but she still remembered the chorus of “Kaqavik” and sang it at her fans’ request.

There were also many amusing questions. 🙂 She was even asked about the possibility of her plans to marry to an Armenian. To which Levina answered that she had never thought about it, but maybe in 10-20 years when she starts to think about marriage, everything will be clear. Another question was about Armenian cognac. She said that till then she had never tried it but a lot had heard about it.

During the pending there were lots of surprises and gifts for her. And the one was “Perfect Life”s cover version performed by Armenian young boys-band “Alternativ”. At first guys performed their new single “Universe” and then cover version of the Levina’s Eurovision entry “Perfect Life”. Levina was very touched to listen to her song as an audience.

Another gift was an oil-colored portarit of hers made by a young Armenian painter Mariam Dashtoyan.

Another part of a continuing chain of gifts was an Armenian tea bouquet specially made for her by Na Nè.

(She really celebrated diversity with her gifts.)

The event was full of modern technologies brought up by our partners Dreamshots who recorded the performance of Levina in a 360 video format.

At the end of the show OGAE Armenia gave 12 ponts to Levina but just in the shape of a cake, which served as her next morning breakfast.

The president of OGAE Armenia, David Adamyan, thanked her for her visit and whished Levina best of luck in Kyiv. He hoped that next year Levina will return to Armenia as the Eurovision winner.
After highly-organized event by The Loft, OGAE Armenia with the support of band Alternativ, Dreamshots and Dan Desserts Eurovision fans got an exclusive opportuinity to get autographs and made selfies with Levina.

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Eurovision, News, OGAE|18.04.2017 3:13 pm