Jury Rehearsal Review from the Press Center




Now it is time for reviewing the 2n Dress Rehearsal LIVE from the Press Center in Stockholm.

We will update after every performance.

The show starts with a “Heroes” show with around 40  children on stage carrying balloons. Where does this idea come from? 😀

And lots of Swedish humor…


21:12 – Finland

It’s a refreshing and active start for the show. I personally liked it more from inside the Arena rather that watching it now on TV. She definitely went to the tan session. 😀

I don’t see it in the Final to be honest.

Finland Dress Rehearsal

21:16 – Greece

OK I like ethnic sounds and stuff but come one, this is a non sense. It’s like: “Let’s be traditional and modern”. Nope…

greece dress rehearsal

21:20 – Moldova

She starts to sing a standard pop song. The chorus it’s not that bad. Nothing special on stage so people can remember the song. Oh wait. An astronaut. ( ! ) She’s not perfectly tuned either. I would say below average.

21:24 – Hungary

This song sounds good. He looks so confident on stage and his voice has something special that hugs you during all through the song. I like it!

Hungary dress rehearsal

21:28 – Croatia

Kind of epic song with a “you are gonna remember me costume”. The melody is not catchy enough and your attention is focused on her dress. Her dress. Her dess. Key change. Monks in black. Her dress. 🙂

Croatia dress rehearsal

21:32 – BREAK

More Swedish humor 😀

21:34 – The Netherlands

Slow down brother. Too much break in the middle of the song. Kind of country style. Nothing too good for me but it has something that is going to launch him into the Final.

Netherlands Dress Rehearsal

21:38 – Armenia

If someone didn’t know how to use the cameras to make a great show… Excuse me, we do! The camera effects are unique in the whole contest. Amazing. Holograms included! She just nailed the studio version. Maybe a veeery slighty little thing in the vocals in the end but I think nobody paid attention to it.  The show is sexy, classy, smart… Just quality. (I’m not Armenian so I’m not chauvinist at all!! :D)

Very big applause in the press center. This HAS to be in the Final and we are going to fight for the TOP 3. GREAT JOB!

Armenia Dress Rehearsal


21:42 – San Marino

Well, I don’t know what to say. After Iveta this is just… weird. The staging is colorful and it helps the song which I personally think it’s the big mistake. Good luck guys though!!

21:46 – BREAK with more Swedish-size humor

San Marino Dress Rehearsal

21:47 – Russia

I can’t say anything negative about this amazing show. But guys, this is a song we could hear in the 90’s in every Russian radio station. The show is great, maybe even too much but it’s hard to me to believe that a old-fashioned song is going to win. It probably will but I can assure you the Armenia had a bigger applause in the press center and guess what, I am the ONLY accredited “Armenian” in the Press Center so we can’t say it our people who support us. 😀

Russia Dress Rehearsal

21:51 – Czech Republic

Classical ballad. After Russia it’s like a bit boring but the show if fine. It’s the first ballad we’ve seen so far so all those who like this kind of songs, will vote for it.


21:55 – Cyprus

Wolves howls. But this rock song is going to catch many votes as the entry is more than convincing. They deserve to be in the Final!

Cyprus Dress Rehearsal

21: 59 – Austria

When I listened for the very fist rime this song on Friday I thought: WTF? Too childish for my taste. Now I see on it something cutie but how will people at home react to this? And the juries?? I’m confused…

22:03 – Estonia

It’s my personal taste: I love this song. I know that not many people will like it but I do love it. The only issue to me is his voice but even so. This song turns me on, guys! #ComeTogether!! (Sorry, too much Swedish humor…)

Estonia Dress Rehearsal

22:07 – BREAK

22:09 – Azerbaijan

I love how Miracle starts but honestly I don’t like the chorus. Her vocals have improved in every rehearsal and today I think she has made her better version but still is not her strongest point. Everything is golden, even the microphone. I miss those amazing former Azeri entries.

Azerbaijan Dress Rehearsal

22:14 – Montenegro

This is MEH to me. I really don’t know what to say. 🙁 Hard? Noise? Black? Dark? Not my thing.

Montenegro Dress Rehearsal

22:17 – Iceland 

Great show and song. This nordic pop is always effective and the dark visuals are so cool! But I don’t like it. Just a question of taste. LOL.

22:21 – Bosnia & Herzegovina

I’m already tired of listening the songs. It will probably happen to people at home. Just Balkan sounds. I got bored already…

22:25 – Malta

Ira Losco is so cute. So confident, so classy. She’s pregnant and this is always a nice thing to see, it turns you weaker by saying: “Awwww look how cute, she’s pregnant, actually the song is not bad either, let’s vote for Malta!” 😀 Now seriously, cool song and show. It should be easily in the Final.

22:29 – TIME TO VOTE !!! (Don’t vote yeeet, it’s a rehearsal!!)

Recap (I would use another snap of the Iveta’s performance instaed of the one used now)

22:38 – Very funny video about of how Sweden started the passion for Eurovision.

Swedish humor…



In honor of the refugees. Excuse me, it sounds like official European hypocresy to me. Sorry, but I had to tell it.


22:55 Time for France, Spain and Sweden to perform.

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