Interview with Aram MP3


Aram MP3 and Garik Papoyan had a moment with us after the second rehearsal but technical stuff sometimes drives you crazy. We stared a pretty cool interview but we couldn’t finish it.

Hasmik Soghomonyan, the Head of Press of the Armenian Delegation, helped us finding the time to meet with us again.
Have a look at our interview with Aram MP3:

Garik and Aram were cool and he told us that they were really satisfied about the job done before and during the Eurovision week. The press conference was not ascrowded as we expected, but actually only Sweden and Austria were the most mediatic entries regarding the amount of journalist that attended to their press conferences.
Aram was asked about the campaign that some armenians were making against Conchita. He answered that there a lot of statements in the international media but he really doesn’t know about it and of course he doesn’t have anything to do with it.

Armenia is leading the odds for tonight and after watching the dress rehearsals we can expect the best results for Aram MP3 at tonight’s semi-final. At the press center, the accredited press gives Armenia the 3rd best result behind Hungary and Sweden.

Everything is ready for tonight. We wish the best of luck to Aram MP3!

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Eurovision, Interviews|06.05.2014 5:11 pm