Impressions of the 2nd Semi-Final Dress Rehearsals


Mans Intro

Of course, the show starts with the already traditional Swedish humor explaing what’s the Eurovision song contest about by singing a Musical theme with allusions to Broadway musicals or memorables moments in Eurovision like Riverdance. I think it’s great so thumbs up!!!


It’s a not a bad song but it is a bit like… next one!

Latvia 2nd dress rehearsal


This guy, even with black-painted nails, knows how to sing. He cracked his voice at the end on the 1st Dress Rehearsal but I think he will be definitely in the final.

Poland 2nd dress rehearsal




It’s a nice show but pretty similar to the polish one. Anyway Hovi sings very good too and there too many average songs so it will go into the final for sure.

Israel 2nd dress rehearsal


Antoher guy singing… The 4th so far. Mmm… Perharps not enough… Even if he appears naked.

Belarus 2nd dress rehearsal


The first time I listened to this song on Saturday I dind’t pay to much attention to it but I have to say that I feel the power of it now. I like it!

Serbia 2nd dress rehearsal


5th male singer. Average. Not bad, not super good.

Ireland 2nd dress rehearsal

FYR Macedonia

I’m old. The best song Kaliopi had was the one that didn’t qualify for Eurovision in 1996 Samo ti. But of course that’s my taste. It doesn’t convince me specially by the end when she always uses her head cracky voice. She’s experienced though and she knows how to be on stage.

Macedonia 2nd dress rehearsal


After a couple of trials with the outfit, it seems that they chosed the white jacket for finally to taking it off in the end of the song. Too many male performers in thes semi-final singing average songs. This is the 6th one. But I don’t know, for some reason this performance attracts me. 😀

Lithuania 2nd dress rehearsal


It makes a difference so far in the semi-final. It’s another level. Big appaluse in the press center.

Australia 2nd dress rehearsal




Let’s groove it people! Daj mi ljubovta!!! Love it! This song makes you get up from the chair and have fun!

Bulgaria 2nd dress rehearsal


Now it’s not a male performer but 3 with an average song. Boring to me.

Denmark 2nd dress rehearsal


Goosebumps. I love this entry. Maybe TOP 3 on Saturday.


After Ukraine this sounds a bit poor to me but “slava bogu” it’s not a male soloist again. Good song after all.


They deserved to be in the final for being something different. But Cyprus is already there…


Cute girl, cute song but not enough.

Albania 2nd dress rehearsal


This is like the second chance for “Finland” 😀 Maybe they will make it!

Belgium 2nd dress rehearsal







I like it so much!! Many people hate it here but I don’t know, it sounds cool to me! Weirdy outfit but come on…! I’m for it.

Germany 2nd dress rehearsal


This the opposite of Germany. People love it and I don’t. Hard life. The staging may look weird and excessively kitsch abut I think it works (for those people who like the entry). 🙂

Italy 2nd rehearsal

United Kingdom


Oh sorry… I meant this

UK 2n dress rehearsal


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Eurovision, News|12.05.2016 1:34 pm