Impressions from the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final


The first thing to say is that it becomes obvious that we are watching a first rehearsal therefore we have to be patient with a couple of unexpected breaks in the very beginning.

APN_6300 APN_6407

If we divide the final into 4 groups we can see the strongest links of each one. From the 7 first entries I will remark Estonia. Slovenia being the one that opens the contest has the first impact plus. Between 8 and 14 we find Norway, Sweden and Australia and they will going to catch the attention. Belgium and Austria don’t sound bad at all but they perform in between 3 of the favorites.

The third group seems to be the most harmed one with the order of appearance even if they are in they are in the so wanted second half. I would remark Greece and Spain in this group.

Within the last 6 countries in the list there will be a serious battle between Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Italy. They sound great in the Wiener Stadthalle but on TV we can hear every little imperfection.

Tonight at 21:00 CET we will follow the Jury rehearsal and our members in Vienna, Arman, Lilit and Víctor will write their opinions about this important rehearsal where the national juries will already vote.

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Eurovision, News, Opinion|22.05.2015 3:02 pm