Impressions after the 1st listening of the songs (semi-final 2)


According to plan, today I watched for the very first time the songs of the 2nd semi-final and I had a few wonderful surprises.

Ukraine rehearsal 2

Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

Today one performance blew me away: Ukraine! Jamala started to sing and I suddenly got goosebumps all over my body. The lyrics, though political, are so deep and she really wants to spread the message by looking to the camera in such a persuasive way. I’m just thrilled.

Ukraine has been the very favorite in this semi-final but there also nice songs but not as impressive and 1944. I liked Bulgaria, Poland, Australia, Israel, Norway and Belgium. Of course when you listen a song for first time there is always a subjective vision according to your taste and Poland fits in this description. I like musicals and good vocals so Michal’s song is a good example of it.

Israel is pretty strong too and within the first half of the semi-final is the second first good impression after Poland.

For some reason this year Norwegian entry reminds me “Feed me your love” maybe the dress, maybe the chorus, I don’t know. I like it but if we compare to 2013 Norwegian entry, Icebreaker doesn’t win the fight.

Belgium is refreshing and fun and it’s a good ending. We may see it in the Final.


Germany, United Kingdom and Italy rehearsed this morning before all the others and I think Germany has gives the strongest impression. Her anime inspired outfit definitely makes a difference. Not sure if positive or negative but I’m people will remember her at the end of show. United Kingdom will be another bottom and Italy has a nice song it sounds really average to me.




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Eurovision, News|07.05.2016 7:48 pm