Impressions after the 1st listening of the songs (semi-final 1)

Armenia Rehearsal 2-2

Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

It’s been hard resisting the temptation of not listening to any song before coming to Stockholm. Today, I’ve watched the songs of the 1st semi-final for the very first time. I have to say that it’s a very interesting feeling because usually, when you arrive to the press center, you already have listened to the songs thousand of times and you almost like every entry.

So this is this the first impressions after watching all the rehearsals of the 1st semi-final:

To me, honestly, there are only two countries with an amazing show and very far from the rest: Russia and Armenia (and far from being chauvinist). The Russian song is old-fashioned and that’s their weakest point. The show is a winner but I’m not sure about the song… Armenia both the show and the song look incredible on screen and it’s definitely the strongest entry of the semi-final.

Besides these two entries, I liked Hungary and Estonia (the song) as the Estonian guy is not a well skilled singer (yet).

Iceland is pretty convincent but it’s a pure nordic pop and we are already too much used to it. Malta isn’t bad either but not impressive.


France has been a huge disappointment for the press here. I really like the song but he is so static on stage and becomes a boring performance. Spain has a fine song but I like to hear this style sung by a very strong and technically controlled voice and this is not the case.

ARMENIA: 2nd Rehearsal and Press Conference

Armenia Rehearsal 2

Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

I just hear the word “Armenia” with positive comments all around the Press Center. Iveta’s performance wowed the audience. A Spanish journalist said to me that the Armenian show it’s just:

During the Press Conference, Iveta sung two fragments in German and Armenian and told us how she express feelings in a very different way from one language to another. She was asked in which language does she prefer to compose and she clearly said that she prefers writing in English as it’s a pretty precise and poetic language that doesn’t need long sentences like German for instance.

Just some sound issues have to be fixed but the Armenian Delegation is satisfied with the whole show.

In the upcoming days we will follow the Armenian Delegation activities such as the visit to the ABBA Museum.

Watch Iveta’s Press Conference:

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