Has Armenia chances to win?


We arrived to Copenhagen believing in our chances to win. We were leading the polls and Europe seemed to like Not Alone.
The point is that when the dress rehearsals of the first semi-final started, Aram MP3 was losing more and more interest by the accredited press in Copenhagen. They all agree that Armenian entry is a very good song and Aram MP3 is a great performer but on the other hand, it seems that the live performance was getting poorer and nobody knows exactly why.

It is true that we didn’t see a perfect vocal execution in the semi-final and today in the dress rehearsal we saw Aram MP3 a bit tired while other contestants, at least, they seem to be enjoying on stage.

Juries will see tonight, as the professional jury is voting in the second rehearsal, that Armenia has an original and well composed song and a very professional act. Tomorrow, the audience who will judge and it all depends on the magic that may appear live.

Hasmik Soghomonyan, the Armenian Head of Press, told us today that they cancelled all the meetings and interviews not to tire Aram and focus on the shows. They are really enthusiastic and they don’t want to scatter the energy.

We decided to ask the people in the press center what do they think about Armenian entry and who is going to win. This is what they said:

Only 24 hours left to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 and we can’t wait to see how Europe will vote. Nobody knows who is going to win and there isn’t a big favourite as previous years. Sweden, The Netherlands and Austria are leading the polls but Armenia is just behind them on 4th place. Aram MP3 is Not Alone and we will see it tomorrow.

We really wish the best of luck to Aram and all the Armenian Delegation!

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Eurovision, Interviews, News, Opinion|09.05.2014 6:23 pm