EXCLUSIVE: GOR SUJYAN “I hope that the message of the “Lonely Planet” will reach and touch the audience!”


IMG_0309Hello Gor! We are happy that namely you will represent Armenia in ESC 2013 in Malmo. Please, tell us about the feelings you had just after choosing you as the Armenian representative for this year’s Eurovision.

 – I was really surprised and really happy as I was not expecting to be chosen as the Armenian representative for this year’s Eurovision. This is a great opportunity for us to represent Armenia at Eurovision in an alternative way; with a rock band, rock music. I think it is going to be a really interesting experience as for us, as well as for Europe.


We know that you’re a fan of Black Sabbath. How does it feel to have a song written by your favorite band’s guitarist Tony Iommi?

– It feels awesome! It is a great honor for us to represent our country at Eurovision with the song written by that kind of a true legend. Just in case you don’t know yet, the Black Sabbath had his own influence on our band; years ago when we were a cover band we used to play their songs as well.

As you mentioned in you previous interviews the chosen song “Lonely Planet” was your favorite. What if you had the 3 songs, without “Lonely Planet”, which one you’d personally like to perform in Malmo?

– I actually said that I loved all of the songs. All of them were great. But as I mentioned before, it feels just amazing to get a chance of representing Armenia at Eurovision with the “Lonely Planet”. The collaboration with Toni Iommi is really important for us.

What expectations do you have from Eurovision?

 – Well, I’m not thinking about expectations, really! Right now I’m more focused on our upcoming performance. I really hope that we won’t disappoint our fans; I also hope that the message of the “Lonely Planet” will reach and touch the audience.

IMG_0099We know that you had started your work on the shooting the video “Lonely Planet”. Can you share with us with some details of the video?

 – The premiere of the video is actually today at our new YouTube channel www.youtube.com/Doriansdotam. You can enjoy it at 11:00 AM

What is the key feature of your fast growing popularity?

 – I don’t think that my popularity is growing fast. I have worked really hard and for a pretty long period to achieve what I have right now.

Tell us please about your cooperation with Sirusho (Armenian representative in ESC 2008, 4th place)

 – We are going to give a concert together with Sirusho on the 6th of April. It is going to be a unique, mixed-genre concert, which is going to take place at Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex.

Have you already heard the other participating songs? Do you have any favorites?

 – One of my favorites is the song of the representative from Malta. And I really like the representative from Italy. I can’t wait to listen to their song. I think it is going to be great.

Are there any countries that already had been selected to be visited by you during the promo tours?

 – Not yet.

And finally, what you would like to wish to the readers of ogae.am and OGAE Armenia members?

– I just want to let them know that the final version of the “Lonely Planet” and the video for the song are already available online. I really hope that they’ll like them both.

We support you and we are sure that you will represent Armenia in a best way!!! Good Luck Gor and good luck to Dorians in Malmo!!!

– Thank you so much! We really appreciate your support.


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