EXCLUSIVE – Eurovision’s Sweetheart Kalomira: “I feel that we should all be proud of where we come from and it’s important for us to know our country’s history and culture”



In 2008 a sweet Greek-American girl won Fame Story 2 in Greece and broke into the Greek music scene. After being chosen to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest, a hectic promo activity started for Kalomira. She won the first semi-final and came 3rd in the Big Final with 218 points, 8 of them came from the Armenian televoting.

Since then, Kalomira has been an important Eurovision pop icon to many eurofans. Now she is living with her family in the United States where, besides taking care of her family, continues her career. She kindly accepted an interview for OGAE Armenia and here it is! We really want to thank Kalomira and her publicist Georgia for their help. Don’t forget to follow our lovely Kalomira on FacebookInstagram or at her Official Website.

It’s been already 7 years since your 3rd place in Belgrade.  What does Eurovision mean to you nowadays?eurovision_rehearsal_kalomira_greece01

I can’t believe seven whole years have gone by!  Many words come to mind when I think of Eurovision: fun, diversity, culture, party, expression and most importantly great music.

How has your life changed after your success in Eurovision?

Eurovision has forever changed my life and career. The amount of exposure an artist can get from such a highly watched televised event is amazing! I am beyond grateful for the experience that I was able to have in 2008.  It was an unforgettable time and will forever be a special place in my heart.

About 3 years ago your life changed again, you became a mother!  How do you combine career and family?

Yes! I became a mother to twin boys!! They are my life, my everything.  They are the biggest blessing in my life!! It is difficult to juggle both career & family but I always feel “where there is a will, there is a way”. I am extremely organized with my scheduling and make sure to always make family time a top priority.


You grew up in New York in a greek family.  How important is it for you having a special connection to the place your roots are from?

Yes, I grew up in NY with my parents and sister.  I felt so proud to have my career start in Greece and get the opportunity to
represent the country that my parents were born in during Eurovision. I feel that we should all be proud of where we come from and it’s important for us to know our country’s history and culture. I feel it’s very important to pass down these special traditions and hope to implement the same love we have for Greece to my children.

So the Greek culture will play an important role in your children’s life…

I would like it to play a big part in their lives.  I would love for them to keep all the greek traditions that we have and customs: fasting for easter, weddings in greek church, baptizing the children, etc.  We baptized the boys in our Greek Orthodox Church and it was a very touching moment for me.  I had studied more about our Greek culture at the time and was moved by the ceremony because I was able to understand the meaning of it more accurately.  For right now though, I will just take them to Greek Sunday school since they are only 2 1/2!


Are you a kind of American cultural ambassador in Greece? Or maybe the other way around?

I am not but would be honored to do so for both scenarios!

In a recent interview, talking about the other contestants you got along well with during the Eurovision week in 2008, you mentioned Sirusho.  What memories do you have from our representative in Belgrade?  Have you met her after the ESC?

Yes I like Sirusho VERY MUCH!  She was so kind and sweet and I remember us talking a lot backstage together.  I also LOVED her song.  Bravo to the songwriters that wrote that song. I really loved it.  I have spoken with Sirusho over Twitter (private messaging) a few times! I wish her the best of luck with her life, career and most recently her jewelry collection. I think her company is doing a noble thing by keeping the Armenian traditions but making it trendy for the Armenian youth.  I like it very much!

Sirusho worked in Greece with Sakis Rouvas.  Have you ever planned performing together with Sirusho or maybe with other Armenian artist?  

Sirusho and I had discussed once collaborating together but it didn’t work out because of scheduling.  We both had a lot going on at the time and I was on tour promoting my new album. I think it would be great to do something in the future together with Sirusho or even another Armenian artist.

Could you please tell us about your next projects?  Any plans for visiting us in Armenia?

I would love to one day come to Armenia.  I wanted to come during our Eurovision promotion tour but because of the tight schedule, we couldn’t make it!  Right now I am working on a new single which should be out by this summer. I can’t give away any details yet, but I am excited for everyone to hear it.


Would you like to say something to OGAE Armenia and all your Armenian fans?

Yes of course! I would like to thank OGAE Armenia & all the Armenian fans for all of their support with Eurovision.  This event is special and so big because of all of you! You help bring different artists, cultures and music together with your love of Eurovision.  As an artist, I can thank you enough for making this possible for us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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