Apricot Stone (ESC 2010 FINAL LIVE)


Eva Rivas was born in July 13, 1987 in Rostov-na-Donu.

During the years of studying at school she actively participated in the social life of the school for which she was rewarded with different awards. Throughout the years of the elementary school she was a solo singer of the Armenian chorus.

In 1996-2004 she used to be a soloist of one of the most famous ensembles in Rostov called “Arevik”.  As a member of the aforementioned chorus she sang both classical and variety songs, as well as Russian and foreign compositions. As a solo singer, Eva was repeatedly a laureate in different contests and compositions. In 2000 the ensemble “Arevik” was awarded the title “Ensemble of the Year”.

In 2005 she got acquainted with Valeriy Saharyan and in 2008 started cooperation with the “Armenian Production” producing centre.

With song “Apricot stone”(lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan, music by Armen Martirosyan) Eva take 7th place in Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

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