Lonley Planet (ESC 2013 FINAL LIVE)


“Dorians”, the popular Armenian rock band consists of 5 musicians: Gor Sujyan (lead vocal),  Gagik Khodavirdi(lead guitar), Edgar Sahakyan (bass guitar), Arman Pahlevanyan (keyboards) and Arman Jalalyan (drums).

Gor Sujyan was born on the 25th of July in 1987. He is an Armenian rock singer, lead singer of “Dorians”. In 2010 he was crowned “The best male singer” in the annual Armenian National Music Awards. Earlier he participated in Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo as a back-vocalist of the Armenian entry “Apricot stone” which have been performed by Eva Rivas and took 7th place. He is the front man of the rock band, and he made a decision of becoming a musician when he first listened to the song “Stairway to Heaven” by “Led Zeppelin” which has been symbolic, perhaps, fatal. In a very short period of time the young man who never ever took music education has recorded outstanding achievements in the music industry together with his friends Gagik , Arman , Edgar and Arman.

World famous rock band “Led Zeppelin” had a big influence on the process of formation of “Dorians”. In 2008 when the boys gathered together they created a band called “Gor and Friends” and they began to perform the songs of “Led Zeppelin”. In half a year they decided to perform not only cover songs, but also their own songs and decided to rename the band from “Gor and Friends” to “Dorians”.

At the beginning the band was performing songs only in English, but soon “Dorians” made a great revolution in their repertoire presenting their fans the song “Yes Kulam” which means “I’m Crying” in Armenian. The song became very popular because “It’s about a greater love” as Gor said.

“Best Rock Group of the Year”, “Best Video of the Year”, “Rock Number One” and other award-winning band’s first concert was held in 2009 and was dedicated to the legendary “Led Zeppelin” rock band.

“Dorians” first studio album called “Fly”, included the famous songs like  “Fly”, “You and Me”, “Life is Really Beautiful”, “Brave” and other songs was released in 2011.

In August, 2011, the band performed during the opening ceremony of Serj Tangian’s concert in Yerevan. But the most important concert for the band took place in September, 2010, when the world famous musicians Glenn Hughes and Derek Sherinian performed on the same stage with “Dorians” in Yerevan.

Collaboration with world famous musicians continues and the song “Lonlely Planet” written by Tony Iommi, the founder and the member of the world popular metal band “Black Sabbath” is one of the biggest achievements for the band.


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