Destiny from Malta wins the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015

EBU (Elena Volotova/Vladimir Dudakliev)

EBU (Elena Volotova/Vladimir Dudakliev)

It’s been Malta’s Destiny, Destiny Chukunyere who has brought her country the second win at the Junior Eurovision.

Mika from Armenia was tightly behind the winner with only 9 points difference. For some moments, Armenia took the lead and in the last vote from Montenegro only 7 points separated Malta from Armenia. It was a very exciting voting until the very end of the show.

Finally, 185 points made Malta win and 176 were enough to bring Armenia to the 2nd place pretty far from the 3rd position since Slovenia got 112 points.

According to the poll in the Press Center, Armenia was predicted to be third after Malta and Australia.

Armenia’s performance on stage was powerful, colourful and Mika conveyed lots of love and his message was caught by the European audience as we have seen by the final results.

Congratulations, Mika, and thanks for this more than great 2nd place!! We LOVE you!


Here are the full results:

185 points – Malta
176 points – Armenia
112 points – Slovenia
105 points – Belarus
093 points – Albania
080 points – Russia
079 points – Serbia
064 points – Australia
062 points – Bulgaria
051 points – Georgia
038 points – Ukraine
036 points – Ireland
036 points – Montenegro
036 points – San Marino
035 points – The Netherlands
034 points – Italy
026 points – Macedonia

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Junior ESC, News|21.11.2015 9:31 pm