Armenia will make it according the press center poll



Every year, all accredited press & fans vote in a poll at the Press Center, they do predict which countries will be in the Big Final. The Poll is organized by OGAE and yesterday OGAE Armenia was collaborating by collecting votes during a few hours.


OGAE Andorra & OGAE Armenia at the Fan Desk

Although the majority really try to think hard for the 10 qualifiers, some people just want to vote of their country but after telling them that it’s not possible because we accept slots with 10 marked countries, then they just randomly do it. Every person can vote only once because the have to write down the number of accreditation and their name and a database will detect any cheat.

By the time of publishing this article Armenia is 10th with 385 votes. Estonia, Russia and Belgium seem to be clear qualifiers. We have to wait a few hours still to know how many correct forecasts we have in this survey. In 2013, this poll didn’t predict that Dorians would make it.

And here is our little poll among the journalists:

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Eurovision, Opinion, Special, Video|19.05.2015 11:55 am