And the winner of OGAE Song Contest 2016 Armenian Selection is…



From 14 to 24 July of 2016 OGAE Armenia and everybody who was interested in OGAE Song Contest 2016 were choosing the Armenian Entry for the biggest song contest organized by Eurovision fans. OGAE Armenia picked up 10 candidate songs and let the public and the Armenian members of OGAE to chose which one of that 10 songs should represent Armenia at OGAE Song Contest 2016. To remember those candidate songs you can watch the recap video.

This time we got very interesting results which has some similarity with the results of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest 2016. To understand what’s the connection, just keep reading. Probably surprisingly for the Public but OGAE Armenia members gave the highest 12 points to the composition of Artem Valter – “Moroccana”. Why the public will be surprised of it you will get when we will reach to their votes. On the second place Armenian members of OGAE put Sirusho with her song “Mi Togh Indz Menak”. 8 points were given to another composition of Artem Valter(you know… there was a lot of Artem Valter in this selection…) “Mut Gisher e”. Check the full OGAE Armenia members voting results below.

Song Points
Artem Valter – Maroccana 12 points
Sirusho – Mi Togh indz Menak 10 points
Artem Valter – Mut Gisher e 8 points
Sona Rubenyan – Jamanakn e 7 points
Artem Valter – Varum a 6 points
Astghik Safaryan – Vorbuk 5 points
Artem Valter – Tashi Tushi 4 points
Nick & Susanna  – Hayreniq 3 points
Nick Yeghibyan – Im Pokharen 3 points
Arman Nshanyan – Taqutyun 1 point

“Hayreniq” and “Im Pokharen” songs got 3 points because both of them got same amount of votes.

Now lets reach to your, to the public voting results. You were able to vote for your favorite song at page from July 14 to July 24. First of all the point about “Moroccana”. No any single vote from 106 voters. 0 votes and accordingly 1 point while that song was the favorite of OGAE members(3 members gave their 12 points to that song and in general it got high points almost from all the members). On the other hand the highest number of votes got Sona Rubenyan almost half of the votes – 45 from 106 which guarantee her to receive 12 points of the public voting. On the second place again was Sirusho who got 16 votes and accordingly end up with 10 points. 3rd place like in OGAE Armenia members voting got Artem Valter with his song “Mut Gisher e”. You can check full results of the public voting below:

Song Number of Votes Ponits
Sona Rubenyan – Jamanakn e 45 12 points
Sirusho – Mi Togh indz Menak 17 10 points
Artem Valter – Mut Gisher e 14 8 points
Nick & Susanna  – Hayreniq 10 7 points
Artem Valter – Varum a 7 6 points
Nick Yeghibyan – Im Pokharen 6 5 points
Arman Nshanyan – Taqutyun 3 4 points
Artem Valter – Tashi Tushi 3 4 points
Astghik Safaryan – Vorbuk 1 2 points
Artem Valter – Moroccana 0 1 point

“Taqutyun” and “Tashi Tushi” got 4 points, because both of them got 3 votes.

So what we need to do now is just to sum up the points and look what we get…

And Combining the results we get… Same story of last Eurovision edition. As you remember on the contest Jury winner was Australia, tele-voting winner was Riussia, after combining the votes winner became Ukraine. In our case we have the winner of OGAE Armenia members – “Moroccana”, we have the winner of Pulic voting “Jamankn e”, but after summarizing the points we can see that OGAE Song Contest 2016 Armenian entry selection winner with 20 points is Sirusho with her song  “Mi Togh Indz Menak”!!! In both voting the song got second place which lead her to end-up with highest points. Here are the combined results of OSC 2016 Armenian entry selection.


Here you can listen the winner song “Mi Togh Indz Menak”(Don’t leave me alone). We hope it will succeed at OSC 2016. Good luck to OGAE Armenia and good luck to Sirusho!!! Thanks for being part of our selection. Stay tuned to get informed about the contest voting dates, news about Eurovision and everything related to it.

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