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Many people complain about the efficiency of the national juries in the Eurovision Song Contest. Does the jury act in a different way than the televote?

If we assume that a “cultural” support exists, let’s call it this way, we should do the same when talking about the jury. Why? Because they are human beings just like televoters. They are professionals and they have to focus on the vocal capacity of the artist(s), the performance on stage, the composition and originality of the song, and the overall impression by the act. This is what is shown on eurovision.tv but these points to be judged, such as they are written, invite to bring some subjectivity into the jury’s voting. We can’t control the impartiality (impartiality according to what by the way?) of televoters so we can’t control the jury either. C’est la vie, mes amis!

“But hey! The members of the juries are professionals, they have to be objective!”
Well, we all hear statements like this one or maybe: “this is my favorite song, it’s the best song, it deserves to win”. Musically talking, we should make a difference between the songs we like and the songs that are good. It’s not the same. Obviously, non music professionals may not distinguish this just because they don’t have the tools to judge a song from a technical point of view. All  juries can do it, but simply they are not asked to. Why do I say this? If they were asked to do it, the jury voting should be similar to each other’s but sometimes we can see really big differences and the EBU doesn’t complain. So I think we should accept the jury voting as we accept the televoting as it is because in the end, the winning song and even the TOP 5 need a huge support from most of the countries so the “cultural” votes are not enough to make a song win and the”subjective” jury votes are not enough to ruin one entry’s results.


Photo: Elena Volotova (EBU)

If we focus on the Armenia results this year, we can say that the jury had almost the same opinion of Face the Shadow: 30 national juries  placed Armenia the 20th or lower. Are they against us? Not at all! Last year only 2 national juries did so. Let’s come back to 2015: Czech Republic’s jury placed Genealogy the 19th while Belgium and Malta the 16th. Belarus, Georgia, Greece and Russia were the only 4 national juries placing Armenia in the TOP 10.

But the televote didn’t work as well as we think. Yes, Armenia would have achieved the 11th place only with the televote but voted only by 11 countries (Georgia, Czech Republic, Russia, France, Israel, Belgium, Cyprus, The Netherlands, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Belarus and Moldova). Yes, our “friends”.  Armenia has a plus with the televote and we all know that is nice trying to get the votes from the Armenians around Europe. But we need more. I think that we are more worried about how to get the votes from our diaspora than how to do the same from the rest of the voters, the ones who can make a song win. Face the Shadow was not a bad song and the performers were great but it was not enough. To reach a high position in the scoreboard we need a song that many, MANY people in Europe LOVE, not just like but LOVE.

Last year we did great. 26 out of 36 countries voted for us. This is a success and this is what I personally think we should focus on: making the non Armenian Europe love our song. Even our friend countries gave us more points than they did this year and therefore this is something to think about.

In the end, the points are the points and the final position is the final position, this is the truth. Armenia came 16th and, for instance, Germany came last with 0 points BUT this is just the surface. I would go deeper. 12 countries placed Armenia the last while Germany ended up the last only in Cyprus. Ann Sophie came between 11th and 15th in 14 countries while Genealogy did the same only  in 5.


Photo: Elena Volotova (EBU)

So actually, more people in Europe liked Black Smoke more than Face the Shadow but our entry was “loved” by some countries and according to the voting system, this is what counts. This is why we got more points than Germany. We may think that with the televote we would always achieve a better position. Maybe. But to me, it’s nicer when your song is loved by people from other cultures and not only yours. This is building bridges too. We already have our “friends countries” votes, so why not to focus on what we can offer that other countries (televoters and juries) would love? We have been in the TOP 10 three times (2009, 2010 and 2014) since the mixed voting system was introduced. I’m sure we can do it again!

The secret of Eurovision, if there is one, is that a country needs a song (or maybe a whole show) that people, lots of people, lots and lots of very different people LOVE.



————-This is an opinion piece and it only reflects the author’s opinion———–


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