“After listening and speaking to Anastasiya Petryk, I realized that we could win” – Interview with the songwriter of JESC 2012 Winning song “Nebo” Artyom Hakobyan


Hello dear Artyom. We are glad to interview you. Thank you for your time.

– Hello, thank you very much and I`ll be glad to answer all of the following questions

To start with, please tell some words about yourself.

Have you always dreamed about singer career even when you have been a child?

-No, actually I`ve never dreamed of becoming a singer. I don`t consider myself a singer, I consider myself a music producer who can sing.

What child’s reminiscence are the most dear for you?

-I have many childhood memories, which I consider dear to me and I would not like to speak about them in passing.

Which role plays for the youth of Artsakh an ensemble “The Voice of Artsakh”, and how it helped you to start you career and its establishment?

– The “Voices of Artsakh” project`s role is very important not only for the youth but for the culture of both Artsakh and Armenia. Lira Kocharyan – the founder director of “The Voice of Artsakh” is a unique person, musician, teacher and friend. She produced many great projects, such as, the musical “Our Village” and Vladimir Arzumanyan (JESC 2010 Winner), the cooperation with Anastasia Petryk (JESC 2012 Winner). And as far as I am concerned, I`ve never stopped being a part of “Voice of Artsakh” and will forever be the voice of Artsakh. Lira Kocharyan will remain as my teacher, friend and colleague.

What has been changed in people’s attitude, when you became a famous?

– What? Am I famous? Are you kidding? (laughing…)

Who do you like to sing with, if it is a duet?

– With K-Ci & JoJo.

Artyom, could you tell us about your future plans? Are there any projects?

– Of course there are. But I can`t discuss them at the moment.

What is important for you the career of musician or singer?

– Both are very important to me, but I am a music producer first and foremost.

Is there anything in your life you would like to change and, if so, why?

– I would like to change my day to 27 hours.

Now let`s speak about Eurovision Song Contest.

 Firstly, we would like to congratulate you, for the wining of Ukraine at The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Amsterdam, as we know that you are the producer of the winning song “Nebo”.

– Thank You.

Please, tell us how you met Anastasia Petrik and how was born the idea of making a song for JESC?

– Everything started from the “Junior New Wave” song contest, where Lira Kocharyan presented Vladimir Azrumanyan. In Yurmala, she met Anastasia’s parents, who had already started working on Nastya`s participation in Junior Eurovision Song Contest. They were looking for a producer, who would write and compose the song for JESC. Lira Kocharyan offered to give them a few of my tracks, at which point, they got in contact with me. It was interesting for me and I agreed. After listening and speaking to that little girl, I realized that we could win. I wrote the song, composed it, but by the terms set by JESC, I can be only a co-author. I could see that we were heading in the right direction and the team that we had put together was a winning one. Because of Anastasia`s schedule, we decided to work from a distance – with Skype. Now everyone works like that, you can even record and produce when the artist is in another country. First, I started to work with her. I helped her to get an idea of the song, after that Lira Kocharyan started to work on performance and final adjustments. It was so interesting to work with such a small person with such a big personality.

Are you going to cooperate with Nastya Petrik in future?

– Our first project together was successful, so it is possible to have future collaborations.

When your first song “Alo, Alo” has been released, it caused a big stir. A lot of people began to speak, that you could easily represent Armenia in Eurovision. What do you think about it?

– I was very interested in this year’s Eurovision, especially because it was held in Baku. Armenia had a big chance to win this year; we also had the opportunity to speak to speak on a very important topic with a very loud voice. However, the Eurovision “specialists” from Armenia didn’t use this opportunity in a right way. We had a chance to win on two stages; the Eurovision Contest and political.

In your opinion, who could represent Armenia on ESC in a good way?

– In my opinion it is not a matter of “who” can represent Armenia, but a matter of having the right team behind an artist. I am sure there is a team that can do that.

To your mind what song is preferable for wining – a ballade or a catchy song?

– You can’t separate songs like that. There are good and bad songs. Always the good ones wins, and the temp and genre don’t matter.

Previous participants used Armenian national color in their songs, in your opinion is it a good idea or we need something new in a modern style?

– In my opinion, the most important thing is to write a good song, which will appeal to international audience. If by Armenian national color you mean dhol and zurna, I think we have overused it. It is possible to make a good song with a nationalistic feel even without dhol.


By the way, some of the Armenian representatives (Andre, Vladimir Arzumanyan) are originally from Artsakh. Do you know them personally, and if yes in what relations are you with them?

– Yes, I know them personally. We have always had a great relationship.


Now we would like to go away the art topic and ESC and touch a little Armenia and not only.

What is your favorite Armenian musical instrument?

– Kamancha.

Artyom, tell us, please, what emotions you get from Stepanakert and Yerevan? What were they 10 years ago and now?

– I feel at home in both cities and they have changed a lot with respect to appearance but I feel the same as 10 years ago.

Could you say 3 words associated with Armenia and why?

– Home, pride, contentment.

Many of our members live far from Armenia and every time they are back the Ararat view is admiring them. What feelings and emotions do you have every time you see the Ararat?

– Ah Ararat jan! Ah Ararat! Ah Ararat! (laughing) (Song by Armenian Navy Band)

What place in Armenia/ NKR/ world you like most of all?

– Chdrduz(Shushi – Artsakh).


In the end your wishes to OGAE Armenia Club.

-Be strong you do good work!



 Favorite book?                     Richard Bach : Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Favorite song?                      There are many of them.

Favorite movie?                    Avatar.

Favorite perfume?                 What is this, an advertisement? (Laughing)

Favorite dish?                       Grilled eggplant.

Favorite city (except Erevan)?        Lloret de Mar.

Favorite season?                   Summer.


Interviewed by Khachatur

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